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"Blast Your Biceps"
Banner Ads

The following banners and images have been provided for your use in promoting the "Blast Your Biceps" program.


  1. Please choose the banner image(s) you would like to use on your web site.

  2. Right click and save the banner image(s) to your computer.

  3. Upload the banner image(s) to your website.
    Or if you want to host them remotely you can use

  4. Place the banner image(s) on your website in the location you would like it to appear.

  5. Create an affiliate hyperlink on the banner image(s) using the following link code:

* Make sure to replace "YOURCBNICKNAME" with your ClickBank Nickname so that you will receive a commission on the sales that come through your affiliate link on your website.

** In order to keep loading quickly and providing your potential customers with the best website experience, please DO NOT link to these images on your website. Only serve the images from your own individual website.

If you need assistance with installing your banners, or if you would like a custom made banner for your website, simply e-mail me and I'll be happy to help you out.

468 x 60 banner

468 x 60 banner

468 x 120 banner

468 x 120 banner

555 x 112 banner

600 x 99 banner

250 x 265 banner

250 x 500 banner

250 x 324 banner

250 x 250 banner

125 x 125 banner

160 x 447 banner

We also have more custom banners that link directly to our Workout Training Articles. This way you can send your website traffic to high quality content pages, that will in turn "soft sell" the Blast Your Biceps program for you.

This is a great way to promote the program and earn affiliate commissions without having to use any sales hype or being too pushy. Your readers will actually appreciate the quality training articles you send them, and those who want more info will be intrigued to go ahead and order the program for themselves.

Click Here To See The Training Articles & Banner Ads.

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