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Blast Your Biceps Program

Dear Affiliate Marketer and Fitness Entrepreneur,

Welcome to the "Blast Your Biceps" affiliate marketing center. This site contains all the tools you will need to make up to 90% Commissions by promoting a very unique "sub-niche" bodybuilding and fitness product.

This is how the "Blast Your Biceps" commissions are structured:

You'll be paid the maximum ClickBank affiliate commission, which is 75% of all sales you generate.

If you make 300 sales per month, (that's just 10 sales per day) you'll receive an additional 15% Bonus Commission that will be paid to you at the end of each month directly to your PayPal account.
(You can also be paid this bonus by check, if you don't have a PayPal account).

That's A Whopping 90% Commission For Super Affiliates!

Solid 18 Year Business Track Record!

You can feel confident in promoting the "Blast Your Biceps" program. and all of our websites have a solid track record in the bodybuilding & fitness industry. Just to re-cap; I first started working out back in 1990, started competing in bodybuilding competitions in 1995, and started my main website ( back in 1999.

Bottom line, you are not dealing with some fly by night website that's going to be here today and gone tomorrow. The fact that has been online for over 18 years speaks for itself. Most traditional businesses don't last that long, let alone an online business!

Promote A Quality Product That's In High Demand!

The "Blast Your Biceps" program is a muscle building arm specialization training system that really hits an emotional hot button with 99% of all guys who workout. After all what guy wouldn't want bigger, stronger, more muscular arms?

As a "Blast Your Biceps" affiliate you'll provide the solution to help guys increase the size of their arms, stoke their egos, and increase their confidence... While you earn some BIG commission checks in the process!

So How Much Money Can I Really Make From This?

To give you an idea of the income potential that's here, let's put some numbers down on paper...

Let's say you did only 1 front end sale a day (which is a very realistic goal, even for a novice)... That works out to an extra $775 a month... Just think how different your life would be with that much extra income every month? That could take care of your car payment or maybe even part of your mortgage / rent payment each month!

# Of Sales
Per Day
Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $775 $9,300
3 $2,325 $27,900
5 $3,875 $46,500
10 $9,990* $119,880*
*Note: 10 sales per day qualifies you for 90% commissions!

You are in complete control and can literally write your own paycheck as a "Blast Your Biceps" affiliate! There is really no limit to what you can earn. It all comes down to how aggressive you are in promoting the program, the more people you send to the site, the more money you'll put in your pocket. It's as simple as that.

I'm Here To Help YOU Succeed!

Lee Hayward
Lee Hayward
Helping affiliates like you is my top priority. So if you have any questions or need any assistance setting up your affiliate campaigns please feel free to e-mail me.

I'll work with you personally to help make your affiliate promos a success. This is a Win-Win situation. The only way I can profit from this is by helping you become profitable. So I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you build a successful affiliate business promoting the "Blast Your Biceps" program.

all the best,
Lee Hayward

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