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"Blast Your Biceps"
Text Ads & Sales Copy

As a "Blast Your Biceps" affiliate your main purpose of writing ad copy is to simply warm up the visitors so they are more open minded and optimistic when they get to the main website.

The "Blast Your Biceps" website by itself is designed to convert "cold traffic", meaning people who are brand new and are just visiting the site for the first time. But if you can provide a positive warm recommendation before they get to the main site your sales conversions will go up dramatically.

Just like if you were visiting a new town and asked someone:

"What’s a good place to eat?"

and they said:

"Oh you gotta check out Jack's Bar & Grill, the food there is awesome."

This simple recommendation will pre-sell you on that restaurant and the chances of you actually going in there and ordering a meal go up dramatically, compared to if you just happened to randomly walk past the restaurant on the street.

This is exactly what you are doing with affiliate marketing. You are not trying to hard sell the "Blast Your Biceps" program itself, you are just trying to soften up the visitors by providing a positive recommendation that they should try out this program.

One way that I have successful promoted programs as an affiliate myself is by posting up articles that the author has written and then at the end of the article putting up a warm recommendation such as:

About the Author:

Lee Hayward - Author of the Blast Your Biceps program
Lee Hayward
Lee Hayward is a competitive natural bodybuilder and muscle building coach who is committed to helping aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts gain muscle, burn body fat, and develop a strong muscular body.

Lee is also the author of the Blast Your Biceps program, which teaches you how to add up to 2 inches of solid muscle mass to your arms in as little as 8 weeks!

To learn more about how you can quickly increase the size of your arms, while getting bigger and stronger all over, just visit Lee's website at:

This warm recommendation softens the transition to the main "Blast Your Biceps" website and makes the visitor more open and receptive to the offer presented to them.

You can combine these text ads here with articles, videos, banner ads, and product reviews to help drive more traffic through your affiliate hoplink and dramatically increase your commission income!

Here Are Some Sample Text Ads...
(Feel free to edit and customize them to meet your promotional needs)


Download your copy of the "Blast Your Biceps" program, the #1 Mass Building Arm Specialization Workout. This powerful training system teaches you how to quickly pack on inches of solid muscle mass to your arms (while getting bigger and stronger all over) in as little as 8 short weeks! All without resorting to gimmicky supplements or dangerous muscle enhancing drugs.
Learn more by visiting:


Do You Have What It Takes To Get The Ultimate Mass Building Arm Specialization Workout?

Exclusive muscle building report shows how you can gain 2 inches of solid muscular mass on your arms in just 8 short weeks! Visit for more info...


Competitive Natural Bodybuilder spills the beans about a proven bicep training program that will help you pack on 2 inches of solid mass to your arms in the next 56 days - Guaranteed!
Check it out now at:


Blast Your Biceps - How To Add 2 Inches Of Muscle To Your Arms In Just 56 Days!

If your interested in building a powerful muscular body the natural way – without expensive supplements and without dangerous drugs, then this could be the most important report you ever read...
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"Who else wants to know the shocking secret to increasing the size of your arms by 2 inches while packing on solid muscle mass all over in just 8 short weeks?"
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Blast Your Biceps - Your Shortcut To Building Rock Hard Muscle Mass!

If you want to turn heads with massive shirt ripping muscular arms and the capacity to outperform all your peers by a tremendous margin. Then you owe it to yourself to Get A Copy Of The "Blast Your Biceps" Program NOW at:


How To Get Brutally HUGE Arms The Natural Way!

The Blast Your Biceps program has helped literally thousands of guys from all over the world take their muscular development to the next level in the shortest time possible!

This program is Jam Packed with the most comprehensive training information that you'll find anywhere! It is rugged, it is tough, it is demanding, and it produces incredible results!
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Lee Hayward's 8 Week Blast Your Biceps Program

Learn the "secrets" of gaining maximum muscle mass and power from one of the Internets top muscle building coaches. One of Lee's top success components for ultimate muscle building results is his bold and revolutionary 8 week "Blast Your Biceps" program. This is your golden opportunity to take your strength and muscular development to a whole new level and build massive muscular guns like never before!
Click Here for more information...

Side effects may include: sleeve stretching arms, wide-load shoulders, and a barrel thick chest.


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