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"Blast Your Biceps"
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Internet users are getting more market savvy then ever before and a lot of people these days can tell when you are "selling" something through an affiliate promotion. The biggest tell tale sign of affiliate advertising is a big long ugly affiliate URL link such as:

Although it might seem stupid to you or I, a lot of people don't like following affiliate links. It often turns people off when they know you are going to get a commission if they order the product.So one simple way to help get around this objection is to hide your affiliate links.

Most of the top affiliate marketers online cloak or mask their affiliate links with their own domain name URL.

For example, you could try to get a domain name such as:


Pick something that is short, catchy, and peaks the attention of the prospect and makes them want to click the link.

Just think about it how you would feel if you seen these two links on a website or in an e-mail. Which one would you be more likely to click on?


You can purchase cheap domain names from and then use the redirect forwarding option so that your domain name sends the traffic through your Clickbank affiliate hop link. This little tip here could literally double the number of clicks you get and dramatically increase your sales.

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