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By Lee Hayward - Author Of The "Blast Your Biceps" Program


When it comes to building "Big Bulging Biceps" one area that most muscle heads never even consider is the Brachialis...

This is a small muscle that runs underneath the biceps, and when fully developed can actually help push the peak of your biceps up higher and add lines and detail to your arms.

This isn't to say that just training the brachialis alone will result in the massive sleeve stretching arms that you want. But if you’re neglecting the brachialis in your workouts, then you are cheating yourself out of getting maximum results in your arm development.

The brachialis is that little "bump" of a muscle that's between the biceps and triceps.

As you can see in the picture below, the brachialis muscle looks awesome when developed because it adds more lines to the arms and just makes them look even more impressive when flexed.

This is an important piece of the puzzle for building a pair of head turning, attention grabbing guns that every guy in the gym is after!

One of the best exercises that you can do to work the brachialis while adding mass to your biceps and forearms at the same time is:

Hammer Curls...

The Hammer Curl is quite similar to the Standing Dumbbell Curl, but rather then twisting your wrists and supinating your biceps as you curl the dumbbells up, you simply keep them straight up and down.

But here is an Advanced Bicep Blasting Trick that will will turn your regular dumbbell hammer curls from a simple "light shaping exercise" and turn them into a Mass Building Power Move!

Mass Building Power Hammer Curls...

To take your regular Hammer Curl and make it a Mass Builder you have to:

  1. Perform your Hammer Curls one dumbbell at a time, in an alternate fashion. This allows you to focus all your strength and energy on each arm individually. By doing your curls in an alternating fashion you'll instantly be able to lift heavier weights then if you tried to curl both dumbbells simultaneously.

  2. As you curl the dumbbell up, purposely keep your elbow close to the side of your body, and even pulled slightly back. DON'T let your elbow flair out to the front.

  3. In addition to keeping your elbow pulled back, purposely lean forward slightly as you curl the dumbbell, rather then aching your lower back and leaning backwards, as is the natural tendency to do when curling heavy weights.

If you follow the 3 steps as outlined above it will make it easier to curl your arm up so that your elbow flexes at a 90 degree angle and you will be able to handle more weight then you normally could. This will take a little bit of practice to get the technique down pat, but once you get it... You'll notice the difference IMMEDIATELY!

This little change in your lifting technique could literally allow you to curl an extra 25% more weight and still use strict exercise form. This kind of training overload will really help stimulate maximum muscle growth throughout your arms!

Heavy Weights + Strict Form = BIG ARMS!

Give the Power Hammer Curl a try in your next arm workout and you'll be amazed with the results. This is just 1 of the killer mass building power moves that are included in the "Blast Your Biceps" Arm Specialization Mass Building Training System!

If you'd like to get some more killer bicep training tips like this, be sure to download a copy of the "Blast Your Biceps" program. This is a complete Mass Building Arm Specialization Training System that will help you pack on rock solid muscle mass to your upper arms in record time!

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